Building and housing

Building permits

If you’re building a house you need authorization. This authorization is known as a building permit. You need a building permit for home additions, remodelings and renovations to an existing home. A permit is also necessary when building a greenhouse, or fence. For some remodeling jobs a building application is sufficient.

To learn more about building permits and the application process; contact the customer service center.


Vacant plots

If you’d like to know which vacant lots are available for building; contact BOKAB at 0303-23 80 00, or send an email to:

If you’d like to know more about the whereabouts, or availability of future vacant land plots and residential areas; contact the customer service center.


Energy and heating

If you’d like tips on how to save energy in your home; contact the municipalities’ energy advisor. You can also receive energy tips and assistance with forms pertaining to available heating.


Find housing

If you’re interested in renting an apartment you can contact various housing agencies and landlords. It’s important to contact them frequently to see what progress you are making on the waiting list, if applicable. There is no Municipal housing waiting list in Kungälv.



We have to sort our own garbage. Packaging and material such as glass, plastic, metal, newspaper and paper must be sorted individually. The sorted material should then be disposed of at any of the municipalities recycling containers.
Bulky waste is considered anything too big to fit into a trash can or trash bag. Bulky waste such as broken furniture, scrapwood and garden waste should be disposed of at a recycling station. The municipality has 5 recycling stations. They can be found in Diseröd, Kode, Kungälv, Kärna och Ytterby.


Food waste

The municipality is gradually introducing new methods to manage household waste. Part of this process means replacing all current trash cans being used for household waste. You will have the choice; whether, or not you want to separate your food waste. In several parts of the municipality these new ways of managing food waste are already in place. If you’d like to receive more information about the collection of food waste, including when the new methods will be implemented in your area; contact the customer service center.


The Environment

A large number of people commute to and from work by car; which affects our environment. By choosing to walk, or bike when travelling a short distance, rather than driving you will help reduce emissions. When travelling a greater distance it’s better for the environment to travel by train, or buss, rather than flying, or driving. Another option is to travel by car for part of the trip and by bus, or train for the remaining part of the trip.


Planning and development

Kungälv promotes development projects for the future. Our master plan pursues a secure future for the entire municipality. Our comprehensive plan looks 15-20 years into the future. Our plan includes determining future sites for the building of homes and factories, the practicable extension of public transportation and which natural areas should be protected. Our comprehensive plan is examined each term, to judge its relevance.
A detailed plan applies to a small, specific area within the municipality. It clarifies how that particular area can, or cannot be used, for example, what kind of buildings can be built and how they should look.
Everyone has the right to share their views concerning the comprehensive and detailed plans, from their inception.
If you’d like to know more about Kungälvs plans for the future, you can contact the customer service center.


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