Care and assistance


For those of you who are older adults; you may receive assistance to remain in your own home and live as independent and safely as possible. 

The municipality offers domestic services, which are divided into two parts – care and home services. The term care means, among other things help with meals and personal hygiene. Home service means receiving help with cleaning, washing and shopping of various goods.

Safety in your daily life is important and you can receive help with basic things, such as changing your curtains, or assuring that you don’t slip on your rugs.

You may also apply for a safety alarm. t’s worn around the neck, or arm and in case of emergency you simply press the emergency button to receive help quickly.

There are also several nursing homes in the municipality, where you can apply for an apartment. Our homes for the elderly are staffed 24 hours a day, with access to trained nurses, as well as physical and recreational therapists.



For those of you with a physical, or mental disability support and assistance are available to help you live an independent and active life. You can get help rebuilding your home and you may be entitled to receive transportation assistance; if you’re unable to travel by bus, or train.

If you have trouble finding work you are invited to participate in so-called daily activities. For example, here you could help out in a cafe, or engage in crafts.

For those of you who need a lot of help at home you may be entitled to a personal assistant. This is a person who comes directly to your home to help you. There are people with disabilities who need assistance day and night.

If you’d like more information about what help you can get, please ask at our customer center.


Family problems

Sometimes families experience problems; which are too difficult to solve on their own. For help solving these problems you can turn to social services; which have multiple activities in place to help families in need.

Budgeting and debt advice
If you’re having trouble getting by financially, or with large debts you’re having trouble paying you can talk with a budget and debt counselor.


Livelihood support

Income assistance, also known as social security benefits is for those who are unable to survive economically. If you have insufficient income to support yourself and your family; you may apply for income assistance.


Financial advisor

If you need help managing your finances, you can get the help of a financial advisor, or planner. This is a person who helps you with various measures such as paying bills, finding a home that suits you and ensuring you get adequate financial care.

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