The school selection process for preschool class and year 7

The school selection process is aimed at guardians whose children are registered in Kungälv Municipality and who will be starting at schools in the municipality in the preschool class or in year 7.

As from the autumn term 2019, the preschool class is a mandatory form of schooling aimed at children as from the year in which the child reaches the age of six.

Register preference of school placement

You can only submit preferences for the municipality’s own schools. If you would like your child to start at an independent school or at a school outside the municipality, you must make direct contact with the school in question. You can find out more about the independent schools in Kungälv here.

Once you know which schools you and your child would like to apply to, you must register your preferences via the municipality’s e-service. 

You can choose three different schools and rank them in order of preference. All guardians must confirm their application using their BankID. If you do not have a BankID, you must contact your bank, who can help you to obtain a BankID. You can also contact the Customer Centre for more information about other ways in which you can submit your preferences.


Selection principles

The municipality’s basic position is to try and meet guardians’ preferences and to offer a place at a school that has been requested. If a school has more applications than it is able to satisfy, the municipality needs to prioritise which children are offered a place at the school. The municipality applies the following selection principles:

Preschool class:

  1. Guardian’s preference
  2. Proximity principle
  3. Sibling priority in years 1-3
  4. Special reasons

Year 7:

  1. Guardian’s preference
  2. Proximity principle
  3. Special reasons

The guardian’s preference

Placement takes place in accordance with the guardian’s preference whenever this is possible. If the municipality is unable to accommodate the guardian’s preferences, the child/pupil is given a place at the nearest municipal school that has a place.

Proximity principle

When the number of pupils wishing to attend a school is greater than the number of places, the municipality must assess which pupils have priority for a place at the school. We do this primarily on the basis of the proximity principle, in which what is known as relative proximity is assessed. This means that if guardians of child A and child B have applied to the same school and only one of the children can be offered a place, preference is given to the child who has the furthest to travel to other schools.

Sibling priority

Sibling priority applies if you have a sibling attending the same school in years 1-3 for the next school year.

Special reasons

If you have special reasons for a place at a school, you need to submit a separate application to Bildning och lärande Kungälvs kommun, 442 81 Kungä Special reasons might include disabilities, but do not include being able to go to the same school as your friends. Each application will be assessed individually.

Specialist class, year 7

Ytterbyskolan’s music class

Ytterbyskolan has one music class in each school year. In contrast to other classes at the school, the music class has an extended time allocation for music tuition. Tuition in music is taken from other subjects. An individual selection procedure takes place on the basis of applications, and around 30 pupils will be offered the opportunity to start in the music class. Find out more here.

If you want to apply to Ytterbyskolan’s music class, enter Ytterbyskolan’s music class as your first choice. When the application deadline has passed, the school will contact everyone who has applied with further information.

Thorildskolan’s specialist sports programme

Based on the changed timetable in the compulsory school, Thorildskolan will not be able to offer prospective students in grade 7 to start any of the school's sports profiles in autumn 2019.

Notification of placement

In calendar week 13 you will receive a decision about school placement in a letter.

Did you not get your first choice?

A waiting list will be set up at each school for those children who did not get their first choice, based on the situation when the school selection process was completed. If a vacancy occurs at the school, guardians of pupils will be contacted in sequence and offered a place. The waiting list will operate until the end of August.

Independent schools

If you want to start at an independent school, there are different rules for admission. Contact the school in question to find out what the current rules on priority are and submit your application directly to them.

If you are moving to or within Kungälv

If you are moving to Kungälv and would like to start in the preschool class or year 7 in the next school year, you can apply via the school selection process. Contact the municipal Customer Centre no later than 10 February 2019 and we will help you with your application.

If you are moving within Kungälv and would like to apply to a school close to your new home, we would like to see a copy of your new purchase/rental contract. Please send this to

If you live outside Kungälv

The school selection process is aimed at children who are registered in Kungälv Municipality. If you live in a different municipality and would like your child to start at a school in the municipality, please apply directly to the head teacher at the school in question. Use the relevant form.

School transport services

In Kungälv we have school transport services that are planned on the basis of the proximity of residential areas to schools. This means that if you will be attending a school that is close to where you live, the municipality has planned school transport services/public transport services that are adapted to the times when school begins and ends.

If you want to start at a school that is further away from where you live, or at an independent school, you are referred to public transport services.Find out more about school transport services here.

Appealing a school placement

A decision on school placement in Kungälv Municipality can be appealed by means of a judicial review in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Swedish Local Government Act. The judicial review will only examine the legality of the decision, not whether the decision is suitable or reasonable.

  1. In accordance with Chapter 10, Section 8 of the Swedish Local Government Act, a decision that has been appealed is overturned if it was not made in a lawful manner,
  2. the decision relates to something that is not a concern of the municipality,
  3. the body that made the decision has exceeded its authority, or
  4. the decision is in conflict with the law or other statute.

In the appeal, you must specify which decision is being appealed and the circumstances on which the appeal is based.

Submit the appeal in writing to Gothenburg Administrative Court at: Förvaltningsrätten i Göteborg, Box 53197, 400 15 Göteborg. You must submit your written appeal to the administrative court within three weeks of the date on which we announce on the municipality’s notice board that the minutes of the social affairs supervisory committee containing the decision have been approved.


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