Schools and childcare

The municipality of Kungälv includes several secondary schools, preschools and elementary schools. Most of the schools are run by the municipality; however, there are also private schools.

Preschools and childcare

If you’re a parent, who works or goes to school your child may attend preschool. If you’re a parent, looking for work; your child has the right to attend preschool, up to 15 hours weekly.
In Kungälv there are nursery and preschools, with different specializations. As a parent you have the right to apply for admission in any preschool, throughout the municipality of Kungälv.


Elementary and secondary school

You have the right to apply to the school of your choice for your child. Your decision should be made by Friday, of week #8, in the year your child turns 6 years old. A child is always guaranteed a place in the school nearest to their home.
There is a municipal High school in Kungälv. This secondary school is called Mimers High School and is located in Mimers house, in central Kungälv.


Special school 

Special school is for children and youth, who are not expected to cope with mainstream education. Special education classes are provided in a few primary schools, as well as the secondary school. However; one may also choose to join the students in standard classes.
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Education for adults 

You’re permitted to seek education for adults, or complete the final grades of high school until July 1st, the year of your 20th birthday. If you’re younger; but have graduated from high school then the date July 1st applies to that year.

You can pursue studies at different levels and with different objectives within the municipal adult education system. You may obtain vocational training, or improve grades in certain courses, in order to continue your studies.
You can pursue studies at the introductory, secondary, or post-secondary levels.

If you’d like to learn more about education for adults please contact the customer service center. Call us at 0303-23 80 00 or email us at

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