Municipality and politics

City Council

In Kungälv the City Council is made up of 59 different politicians, from different political parties. Each political party and how many of their representatives serve on the City Council are chosen by Kungälvs residents. In Sweden elections are held every 4 years.

The City Council makes decisions on many important issues, including how municipality monies are used. Decisions being made by the municipals City Council occur at City Hall. The meetings are open to everyone and their times are advertised on


Board of Directors

The Governing body consists of 23 politicians, who are expected to oversee and implement the City Councils decisions. The board of directors is also responsible for the development and expansion of the local economy.
There are several other political committees’ in Kungälv, each of which is responsible for a specific municipal activity. An example of this is the Formation Committee; which is responsible for childcare, primary and secondary schools.


Public Records

Everyone has the right to read the majority of Municipal records. Letters and email sent to the municipality are generally regarded as public documents and can be read by anyone. However; documents deemed classified are not public and cannot be read. Those documents concerning individuals are most often considered confidential.

Contact the Customer Service Center if you’d like help reading the municipalities documents.


Right to appeal the municipalities decision

If you believe the municipality has made a wrong decision you have the right to appeal. There are two different ways to appeal a decision: a hearing and an administrative appeal. The appeals hearing will determine whether, or not the decision made followed protocol; and whether the municipality had the authority to decide in this particular case.

A decision that affects you personally; such as a building permit, or social assistance can be appealed, through the aforementioned administrative appeal process.

Your appeal is sent to the administrative court of appeals, regardless of whether it’s for a hearing, or an administrative appeal.


The Municipalities Economy

Kungälvs operating costs are around 2.5 million SEK yearly. 2.1 million SEK of these costs comes from taxes, paid by local residents.
For every 100 SEK that local residents pay in tax the municipality uses approximately 15 SEK towards elderly care and 8 SEK towards disability benefits. Approximately 34 SEK is used towards preschool and elementary schools, while 5 SEK is invested in culture and leisure.


Municipal Enterprises

Kungälv owns several businesses. The largest of these Municipal owned companies are Kungäls Energy and Bokab.

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