Traffic and streets

Bus, boat och train

There are various ways to travel using public transportation, depending on where you live. You can ride the bus, boat (also known as a ferry), or train. All necessary information concerning public transportation in Kungälv can be found on Västtrafiks website.



At some parking lots a ticket can be purchased at an automated ticket machine in order to park. Other parking lots, such as commuter parking lots are free.
Several other types of available parking can be found, including; but not limited to residential and monthly parking permits for disabled drivers. If you’d like to know more about available parking please contact the customer service center.


Snow removal 

The municipality is responsible for the shoveling and clearing of the municipalities’ streets, walking paths and bicycle lanes when necessary.
In the event of a large snowfall you are responsible for the shoveling and clearing your own private walkway. You may be held liable if someone slips, or hurts themselves outside of your property. You should also ensure that snow, or icicles cannot fall and cause injury.

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